Optimal marketing with strong partners


The individual marketing of a professional athlete is in many ways challenging and requires specialized professional know-how. First and foremost, one has to find companies and brands whose values correspond with those of the player and his team. Due to possible conflicting interests in terms of economic partners, we consider the close exchange with the player’s employer as an indispensable part of our work. According to our experience, a partnership between player and business can be successful only through a timely exchange with the club. Further, the marketing contracts need to be legally matched to existing contracts.
It should also be noted that – unlike in the case of individual athletes – most of the football player’s income consists of his salary, which is determined by his athletic performance and success. Therefore, the player’s scarse timely ressources must be effectively used. It is of great importance for us to develop partnerships while constantly striving for optimizing the player’s use of time.

A business partnership can only be successful if it benefits and satisfies both parties. Therefore, we strive constantly also for the long-term satisfaction of the player’s corporation partner. Sustainability – which for us stands for reliability, satisfaction of our clients and partners, efficiency and high quality results – marks all our activities.
During the past few years, Glückskind-Sportmanagement has completed a number of player contracts with various partners. With carefully selected brands and high quality advertising campaigns it is possible to develop the player image and increase his visibility. Ultimately, the positive visibility benefits also the player’s club and the entire team.