Holistic scouting for everyone involved

The Scouts at Glückskind-Sportmanagement

Identification of talent is the basis of the work of Glückskind-Sportmanagement . Being talented is the first step to success, but by far not the only one – the leap into the professional level requires much more. Only about 20% of all players who start as a youth player in a top league club at the age of 14, succeed in creating a professional career. Glückskind-Sportmanagement is constantly searching for young players with talent but above all with the will, discipline and commitment – highly necessary qualities for becoming among the best.
The scouts of Glückskind Sport Management escort the youth players and their parents in every stage of creating a professional career – namely before the career has even started.

Our scouts are there to analyze, consult, criticize and motivate. They participate in the athlete’s performance development by constantly following his training and performance in the matches and intensively consulting and exchanging views with the player, his parents, and the trainer. Close cooperation with parents and the player’s club is one of the core principles of our work. Additionally, our scouts have access to the whole range of trusted health professionals: doctors, sports psychologists and nutritionists.
The one who wants to lead the way, should once have taken the route himself. Being a skilled scout means of having a profound experience in the top level football – either as a professional player, a coach or a scout.