Glückskind-Sportmanagement was founded in 2013 by Felix Happi, who has a long experience as a manager and consultant in areas of consulting, sports and event management. Happi grew up playing street football in Cameroon and has lived in several countries in Africa and Europe. After finishing his first university degree in Mathematics, he will soon graduate from his second degree in Engineering and Economics at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) and has taken several courses and postgraduate trainings in the field of sports management and consulting. His multifaceted international experience in business, numerous postgraduate courses in the field of sports management and consulting, profound intercultural competences and the decision to open the head office in Berlin ensure the success and sustainability of Glückskind Sport Management.

Glückskind-Sportmanagement was established with “full service” philosophy, and it consists of an international team of experienced football experts in the fields of sports management and marketing, scouting and player consultancy. Glückskind Sport Management offers services for players as well as associations, clubs and companies. The network of strategic partners of Glückskind Sport Management is broad and covers countries in almost every continent: in Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Glückskind-Sportmanagement cooperates and works together with numerous football academies. Satisfaction of our youth players and their parents and mutual trust are the most essential features for Glückskind Sport Management at every stage of the player’s career development. We take them as the first and foremost guarantee for a successful player career.