Glückskind-Sportmanagement – Team

Glückskind-Sportmanagement was established with a “full service” philosophy, consisting of an international team of experienced football experts in the fields of sports management and marketing, scouting and player consultancy. Glückskind Sport Management offers services for players as well as associations and companies.

The network of strategic partners of Glückskind Sport Management is broad and covers countries in almost every continent: Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe. Glückskind Sport Management cooperates with numerous football academies. Trust and satisfaction of our youth players and their parents are the most essential features for Glückskind-Sportmanagement at every stage of the player’s career development. We take them as the first and foremost guarantee for a successful player career.



Felix Happi has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and manager in the areas of consulting, sports and event management. For 10 years now, the Berliner has been in the midst of the big show business and is a sought-after contact partner, especially when it comes to marketing issues. Its range of services to companies operates worldwide and its customers include well-known companies such as Puma, Mercedes, Red Bull and other branded goods manufacturers. His worldwide network of experts and business partners from various industries, diverse experience in professional football in Germany, France, Spain and Cameroon, close relationships with a number of professional football players, head coaches and sports directors worldwide as well as his degree in mathematics and second degree as an Economic engineer at the Technical University of Berlin formed a natural basis for creating Glückskind-Sportmanagement and for ensuring its success.



Flobert Wandji

Flobert Wandji is specialized in sports law and has an extensive experience in consultancy of football professionals – of players, trainers, managers and teams alike – in all legal issues concerning the sport and especially the transfers from one club to another, nationally as well as internationally. Through his broad experience, Wandji has excellent contacts with national and international football clubs and sees himself as a link between the athlete and club. Wandji strengthens our team since the founding of Glückskind-Sportmanagement.


Jacque Jules Kamwa

Jacque Jules Kamwa has decades-long, extensive experience in the top level football as a coach, manager and technical director of several clubs in Cameroon and Libya. At Glückskind-Sportmanagement Kamwa is in charge of coordinating the work of our talent scouts in the African market.

Branch Head in Cameroon

Rousseau Pawossi

Rousseau Pawossi is an ideal supervisor and consultant for promising player talents as he has seen the ups and downs of the sport and thereby has a wealth of personal experience to be passed on to our clients. Since the summer 2013 Pawossi is a part of Glückskind-Sportmanagement. Apart from the player consultancy, he is responsible for the administration of our branch office in Cameroon.

Manager of football academy

Eric Njamen

Eric Njamen is in charge of our football academy “Africa Foot”, with locations in Douala and Yaounde. Njamen is responsible for the back office and numerous organizational issues.


Victor Omar N'diaye

did all his training with the Montreal Impact. He rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in football and lived his passion on 3 continents. His experience and new vocation as a football educator give him a keen eye for spotting young talent. He works as a recruiter at Glückskind-Sportmanagement, where he is responsible for the African market (Bokinafaso – Côte d’Ivoire – Senegal).

Personal Trainer

Philipp Reuscher

Philipp Reuscheris a qualified wellness coach and an enthusiastic amateur athlete with keen interest in nutritional sciences. Since the summer 2013, the personal trainer reinforces the fitness and wellness programme (exercise – nutrition – relaxing) of Glückskind-Sportmanagement and is responsible for the care of players.

Former footballer, currently sports educator specializing in soccer.

Aubin Dominique Mandef

He is a scout at Glückskind-Sportmanagement, where he is responsible for the African market (Senegal-Mali-Guinea).


Stefan Eger