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Glückskind-Sportmanagement advises and supports the player in all phases of the career development as a professional footballer. Hereby, all levels of skills development are taken into account, both mental and physical competences.

Glückskind-Sportmanagement works in close cooperation with the lawyers representing the player’s interest in all legal issues concerning the search of and the contract negotiations with a club.



Sports medicine and injury prevention

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Mental Coaching

Education and training

Public appearance and rhetoric

Personality assessment and consultancy

While observing numerous matches in active exchange with a number of experts of Glückskind Sport Management, we provide our players with a comprehensive sport consultancy. A position-specific analysis will be conducted of every player. Through identifying the player’s strengths and weaknesses, a thorough consultancy in physical, mental, technical and tactical terms will be offered – naturally always in agreement with the coaching staff of the football club – on how to improve the player’s training for realising his full potential on the pitch.

If needed, our extensive sport consultancy provides the player also with video analysis, conducted in cooperation with sports institutes specialized in speed training and sprinting. The continuous dialogue with coaches and managers enables us to form an overall picture of the player’s competences and development, which is necessary in the systematic career planning.

Our large and growing international network of player agents and sport agencies enables us to arrange player transfers in the European top leagues. We arrange regularly the transfers of professional players from a number of countries to the German Bundesliga.

Health is everything! Like any sport, also football has many risks. A professional football player must be in excellent physical condition in his profession, where he is subjected to high level of stress and risks of injury. For this reason, we work with leading sports physicians and provide our players with performance diagnostics.

In order to provide our players with the optimal support in their personality development, we work together with reputable mental coaches and sports psychologists who consult our players on a regular basis. This is of special significance to our youngest players, who thereby have the opportunity to recognize the value of personality development and mental welfare already at young age.

After transferring into a country that may well also become player’s new homeland, it is of importance for the player to acquire the basics of the local language. This eases the player’s integration, has a positive effect on his wellbeing and also helps him to get the most out of each training session. Our numerous contacts to language schools and teachers enables us to offer the player a high-quality language course, fully tailored to his needs and training schedules. Our courses also aim to provide the player with the basic knowledge about the culture and institutions of the host society.

In cooperation with our marketing partners, we develop personalised marketing concepts for our players, connect them with appropriate companies of sports industry and escort them throughout the negotiation process until the signing of the PR/advertising contract. Through our experience and networks, we are well positioned in every aspect of marketing and strive for concluding long-term contracts with partners that are most suitable for our clients.

Discreetly in the background but with the necessary intensity, we take care of our player’s public relations and media relations. We have close relations with sport journalists in various media. In the modern professional football, a detailed consulting in all issues concerning public appearance is indispensable for a player. Professional football and the mass media need each other. Millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and newspaper readers worldwide follow intensively the football scene on and off the pitch.

Due to global mediatization, the players need to have good media literacy skills and understanding of the role of all public appearances for their career. Only one wrong word or a thoughtless gesture at the wrong time can have fatal effects for the image and market value of the player or even the entire club. Therefore, it is of great importance for the players to continuously train their communication skills and public appearance, in order to deliver a professional and positive image to the public.

Against this background, we provide our players with media training at their request – fully individualized to correspond to their needs. Together with our partner Hauptstadt-IT, we also create and administer internet homepage for our players and support them in all social media –related issues.

On request, Glückskind Sport Management provides the player with an extensive network of auditors and tax consultants, who are experienced in the field of sport management. Our tax experts optimize the player’s tax burden and offer consultancy in numerous questions such as the deductibility of travel expenses and the expenses of having two homes, possible in different countries. Our experts consult the player in tax planning and in all contractual issues. They also verify the investment objects and handle with inquiries from the tax office.

Our excellent relations with a number of industries and trustworthy commercial partners enable us to offer our players VIP-conditions for various lifestyle products of leading brands including Puma, Adidas, Nike, Mercedes, Audi and BMW.


International transfer, especially to the European top leagues of Germany, Britain, Spain and Italy, is an essential part of a successful football career. We arrange regularly player transfers from a vast number of countries such as France, Cameroon, Senegal, Ecuador, Brazil etc. into the German Bundesliga.

Glückskind-Sportmanagement has grown large and covers a broad international network of player agents and sport agencies. This ensures the efficiency and success of our player transfers. After transfer however, our work remains unfinished. We support our players in all issues arising from settling in and living in an unfamiliar environment.

According to our experience, continuous dialogue, personal conversations and individualised consulting are required in ensuring the best support for a player to reach his full potential. Glückskind-Sportmanagement is at the player’s disposal in all questions concerning his career development, including sports performance, financial planning and finding the most suitable partners.

We provide our players with a broad network of various partners: sports medicine services including diagnostics, mental coaching, international player agents, sport agencies and commercial actors of sports industry.